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Mediation is a method of dispute resolution through a process guided by a neutral party. It is an alternative to litigation. The purpose of mediation is not reconciliation, but arriving at workable solutions and sustainable agreements, which serve each party’s real needs.

Mediation is used to solve a wide variety of disputes including business, education, criminal justice, politics, divorce, community and workplace disputes. Mediation of family disputes has been at the center of focus for Estonian Association of Mediators since 1998.

EAM is offering cross border family mediation.

The Family Mediation is about the meeting for parents who are living separately. Family mediators are providing help for separated or divorced parents and their children. In case of serious disagreements between parents, mediators help to find the solutions to improve parental relationship (if parents have decided to separate as partners). Mediators are helping to improve the upbringing of children as well as the well-being of the parents. Clients of this service are directed by the civil court, childcare worker, solicitor or the parents turn to the mediators themselves.

During the session the mediator takes a non-partial position and guides the parties into negotiation. The mediation-meetings end usually with written contract, but main focus is on the further co-operation as parents.

One session lasts approximately 90 minutes and average cost in Tallinn area is 70 euros.

Please find the list of Family Mediators in Estonia here.